The Obama Presidential Center

Our goal is to create a Center that inspires and empowers people to take action on the big challenges of our time. The Obama Presidential Center (OPC), through the Library, Museum, and Foundation programs, will seek to...

  • Inform.

    Inform visitors about our civic rights and responsibilities and inspire citizens to get engaged.

  • Empower.

    Empower individuals who are leading change around the world, and help develop new ways to enable all citizens to take action.

  • Connect.

    Connect people from different communities and disciplines to create new approaches to solving our biggest challenges.

  • Translate.

    Translate new ideas into concrete actions that will have a measurable impact, enlisting partners across all sectors to scale what works.

Key Milestones


Key Milestones


Narrowing our search for an architect

In August, we received over 140 responses to our request for qualifications. We narrowed the field to seven architectural design firms, from which the President and First Lady will select their favorite later this year. Find out who they are, what they've done, and the unique perspectives that made them stand out to us.
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Bringing it home to Chicago

Located in the city where a young organizer once inspired his community to take action, the Obama Presidential Center will seek to inspire citizens across the globe to better their communities, their countries, and their world.

  • Shaped by Chicago

    Chicago has played a special role in the President and First Lady's lives, from their wedding day to Election Day. See how this city has helped shape the Obama family. Take a look back

  • A place of possibility

    The South Side has a proud history of cultural diversity, social activism, and intellectual achievement. We're excited to join the many institutions that have made this area a living laboratory for progress and change. Learn more

  • A warm welcome

    Chicagoans have made their voices heard with an outpouring of support for the Foundation that is truly inspiring. Meet a few of the people who are excited to welcome the Obamas home. Hear from Chicagoans